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FOM107D - Monthly average gross earnings in the economy on section and division level, CANE Rev.2: Please select the criteria for your query
CANE Rev.2 (sections and divisions) Months MU: Lei RON

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FOM107D - Monthly average gross earnings in the economy on section and division level, CANE Rev.2 
Definition The gross nominal earnings comprises salaries, respectively money rights and rights in kind of employees for the effectively done work (including overtime), according to the salary type applied, benefits and indemnities granted as salary percentage or in fixed amounts, other legal rises of salary, amounts paid for the nonworked time (indemnities for rest and study leaves, holidays, other days-off, amounts paid from salary fund for medical leaves), awards, holidays bonuses and other amounts paid from salary fund according to normative documents or collective labour contracts, amounts paid from the net profit and other funds (including the equivalent value of meal tickets).
The gross monthly average earnings represents the gross sums paid from the salary fund (the seasonal and annual bonuses included), the sums paid from the net profit and other funds averagely paid by the company to an employee monthly. Part time employees are included proportionally with the working time stipulated in the individual labour contract. Average number of employees represents a simple arithmetic mean calculated based on daily numbers of employees in the respective month. The number of employees includes only persons paid for the respective month. There are not taken into consideration: the employees under leave without pay, in strike, temporarily seconded to work abroad and those whose labour contract/agreement was suspended. 
Periodicity Monthly 
Data sources Monthly survey on earnings details 
Methodology Objective of monthly statistical survey on earnings is to evaluate short term trends of monthly average and hourly earnings per total economy and by activity sector.
The monthly data regarding the earnings and the number of employees for years 2000 - 2008 were estimated according to the new Classification of Activities in the National Economy (CANE Rev.2) harmonised with European classification in the field (NACE Rev.2). Applied estimation method relies on conversion matrix of economic activities defined according to CANE Rev. 1 in economic activities defined according to CANE Rev.2. Building up the conversion matrix relies on data collected according to CANE both versions, by monthly statistical survey on earnings, during 2008.
In view to set up the sample size, estimates of the main characteristics observed have been taken into account, which could be affected by errors of +/-3% at most and guaranteed with a probability of 95%. Since January 2017, the sample comprises about 24000 economic and social units. Budgetary sector units are exhaustively included in the survey, except local public administration for which data at level of local communal councils are collected based on a sample representative at level of county (about 820 units). For economic sector, units of four employees and over were included in the survey, covering 92.89% of total employees in this sector.
Data are aggregated by homogeneous activity of units, meaning that in public administration activity (according to CANE Rev.2) there are not included all the secondary activities developed in central and local public administration of type:.
- social assistance
- cultural, sport and recreation activities;
- landscape and building services;
- agriculture;
- water distribution, waste administration, decontamination activities;
- construction;
- transport and storage;
- production and supply of electric and thermal energy, hot water and air conditioning;
- rent and subrent of personal goods etc.
Information about secondary activities are included each of them in economic activities according to the corresponding CANE Rev.2.
Information regarding budgetary sector should be used carefully because data refer to statistics from economic activity (aggregated by homogeneous activity) according to CANE Rev.2 of public administration, education, health and social assistance (including private sector for education - about 3% respectively health and social assistance - about 10%) except armed forces and staff assimilated (Ministry of National Defense, Romanian Intelligence Office, Ministry of Administration and Interior).
These statistics do not take into account the financing type, their purpose being to provide information by economic activity according to CANE Rev.2.
Information corresponding to the financing type are administered by the Ministry of Public Finance, in keeping with the stipulations of Government Emergency Ordinance no.480/2005, with later completions and modifications. 
Last update JAN 15, 2018 
Observations The data are available starting with 2000.
Starting with January 2007, the coverage of activity ''Public administration'' also includes Community police.
Starting with September 2017, for Public Administration are including data related to the total number of employees assigned to parliamentary offices in electoral districts and paid from lump sums.  
Responsible person Cotirta Alin;; int. 2281 

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