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IND104E - Monthly industrial production indices by industrial activities CANE Rev.2 - unadjusted series - base year 2005: Please select the criteria for your query
CANE Rev.2 (sections and divisions of industry ) Months MU: Percentage

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IND104E - Monthly industrial production indices by industrial activities CANE Rev.2 - unadjusted series - base year 2005 
Definition The industrial production index is calculated by using the selective method comprising a representative sample of products and services. The evolution of industrial production is established based on the physical volume index, which is calculated from the the series of representative products at the level of each industrial branch, and also on the basis of the weight of these products, calculated according to value added, using the Laspeyres-type formula.
The industrial production index (IPI) is a volume index of Laspeyres type and measures the evolution results of industrial activities from one period to another. 
Periodicity Monthly 
Data sources Statistical researches IND for years 2000-2004
Statistical survey on industrial products and services - monthly, since 2005 details 
Methodology According to the provisions of EC Regulation no.1165/1998 amended by the Regulation of European Parliament no. 1158/2005 regarding the short term statistics for the calculation of industrial production index, CANE Rev.2: 05-35 divisions are included, excluding the 353 group.
The industrial production indices measure its evolution per total industry, CANE Rev. 2 sections (mining and quarrying, manufacturing and electric, thermal energy, gas and water) and divisions and by broad industrial groups. The coverage degree per total industry is 87.7%.
For the calculation of industrial production indices, a sample of 710 elementary subclasses CPSA 2008 is used, for which quantitative data regarding the achieved production are registered.
Primary indices of industrial production are aggregated by a system of successive weightings, using for the aggregation at the level of CPSA elementary subclass ' PRODROM level of upper aggregation, the unit average price of base year (2005), while for upper aggregation levels (CANE Rev. 2 class, group, division, section or broad industrial group), the gross value added at the cost of factors (GVACF) of the basic year (2005) is used as weighting element.
The first aggregation level is the level of CANE Rev. 2 class, the next aggregation levels being determined as a weighted arithmetic mean of the CANE Rev. 2 classes, groups, divisions, sections and, the broad industrial groups indices, with the corresponding GVACF of the base year (2005).
The indices for the broad industrial groups are obtained by the aggregation of the CANE Rev. 2 component groups indices, weighted with the corresponding GVACF.
The industrial production indices per total industry are obtained by the aggregation of indices calculated at the level of the CANE Rev. 2 division.
The industrial production indices are provisional and are revised based on the corrections retroactively done by the enterprises in the sample, concerning the data previously provided.
Last update FEB 14, 2013 
Observations The Nomenclature of economic operators, which provides monthly data about industrial physical production, includes a representative sample of enterprises having industry as their main activity (CANE Rev.2: 05-35) and which includes all the enterprises having over 50 employees and a sample of enterprises having 4-49 employees, so that a representativeness of about 90% should be ensured at the level of total industry and minimum 80% at level of CANE Rev. 2 division, this being calculated based on turnover.
For a better representation of food industry, due to its specific, the sample of industrial enterprises also includes commercial companies having agriculture as their main activity, but which have subunits specialised in the fabrication of agro-food products.
PRODROM - The Nomenclature of Industrial Products and Services used for the collection of data regarding the industrial production is fully harmonised with the nomenclature used in European Union countries, respectively the PRODCOM List. The positions from PRODROM nomenclature are the result of CPSA 2008 detailed elementary subclasses. All PRODROM headings are at the same level of nominalization, possible groups required for analysis and dissemination being obtained by processing, based on the structuring criteria used to define each heading.
The Nomenclature of Industrial Products (PRODROM) includes about 3500 products and characterizes the industrial activities of the CANE Rev. 2: B, C and D sections.
CSPA elementary subclass level represents the first IPI calculation level. The about 3500 PRODROM products are aggregated into 1100 CSPA elementary subclasses, of which 710 are taken into IPI calculation.
Responsible person Baicoianu E. Violeta Roxana; e-mail:; tel. 0213177775 

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